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Authenticity Is Everything

When buying and collecting memorabilia the guarantee of an object's authenticity is everything. We at Famous Memorabilia Ltd take great care to guarantee that the items displayed on our website and in our stores are 100% genuine. We know that the integrity of your collection is dependent on the steps we take to ensure the originality of our products. Fans can be assured that when they buy a piece of nostalgia from Famous Memorabilia that we have taken every precaution to bring them the genuine article. 

Certificate of Authenticity

All items sold by Famous Memorabilia Ltd come with a guaranteed Certificate of Authenticity to prove that they are the genuine article and they were owned by the quoted personality and that any autographed item is the person’s actual signature. 

Security Features

1. Quality of printing & paper

Famous Memorabilia always use the highest quality of printing and paper in any of their products. This not only means that you will receive an excellently presented item but that the condition of your cherished purchase is also beyond doubt for years to come. 

2. Integrated Image

When an item, is photographed during a signing session, or a picture taken at an event or awards ceremony, the product will be supplied with an accompanying, integrated image. This, with your item, provides the perfect collectable piece to illustrate the occasion. The image and autographed piece will be tastefully framed and mounted for instant display on your wall. 

3. Hologram Seal

Every item sold by Famous Memorabilia is secured with a tamper proof, hologram seal that provides further security and evidence of our commitment to protecting the authenticity of our collectables. These are individually numbered and enable owners to re-certify their purchase in the event of the COA being lost or damaged. 

4. Online Verification - Available Soon

Using the latest online digital technology we are able to offer customers the ability to verify their own collectables or appraise potential purchases over the internet. Our experts will check your piece and provide you with a full verification of its authenticity once it has been thoroughly checked by our digital reviewers. 

5. Signed By The Owner Of The Business

Since its early days, back in 1999, the owner of Famous Memorabilia Ltd personally takes the time to verify items that the company sells. This is his personal pledge as to the authenticity of the articles on display and his commitment to sourcing and selling top quality and unique memorabilia. 

Famous Memorabilia Signing Sessions

Famous Memorabilia regularly arranges private signing sessions with bands and sporting personalities, as well as stars and celebrities of screen and stage. These meetings allow Famous Memorabilia to assemble personally signed items that are documented and recorded under the watchful eyes of a  member of staff, who does actually witness the signings.